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Can I Get A Virus From A Community Network Email


Q. Can I get a virus from Community Network email?

A. As an Intranet (see Intranet), you are within a protected environment when you are working within the Community Network. The Community Networkputs a "Cookie" on your Web browser to remember you, but otherwise no "Adware" or other irritants will result from participating here. The Community Network does not use any pop-ups.

All email messages received by and delivered through the Community Network are scanned for viruses before delivery. Email attachments are also safe, because the developer scans them with ClamScan AntiVirus and does not deliver emails with infected attachments. However, because new viruses are constantly being created and no antivirus program is perfect, it is still wise to use caution in opening any attachment you receive. If a file seems suspicious in any way, it is smart to email the sender and ask her to verify that she sent it to you, and that it is safe to open. Conversely, if you are sending a file to someone via email, it is helpful to note in the text of the email what the attachment is and why you are sending it.

Another important fact to note is that as soon as Community Network email addresses become part of Members' address books, they will become vulnerable to viruses or worms that hijack them and fake messages from addresses they find there. The only way to prevent this kind of virus message is to rigorously protect YOUR email software and remind your friends to do the same. A legitimate Community Network email will have in its headers only addresses from and your community—if you see others, you can guess that someone on the Community Network has a virus and it is sending faked messages purporting to be from the Community Network, and delete the message and its attachment. Good virus protection software will delete the attachments from these kinds of faked messages automatically.

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