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Can You Use The The ProgressiveExchange Online Community If You Do Not Have An Email Address


Can I Use The Community Network If You Do Not Have An Email Address?

Q. Can you use the Community Network if you do not have an email address?

A. To sign on to the Community Network, you need to provide an email address, which will later need to get verified--you will receive an email from the Community Network and respond to it to prove the address works.

If you know of colleagues who do not have an email address, but do have access to a computer with a Web browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, Safari, etc.) at least occasionally, you can let them know that they can easily get access to the Community Network. There are a number of Web communities that will give you a free email address that you can access via the World Wide Web. Examples include Hotmail and Yahoo. Often you don't get a lot of storage space with a free account, but if all one does is receive Community Network messages, that should not be a problem. You can check these accounts from any computer.

Once a Member has an account, the Member can sign on to the Community Network and participate, even if it is only on occasional visits to an Internet cafe, the public library or a friend's house. Please encourage all Members to find a way to check out this wonderful community resource!

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