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How Can I Advertise My New Group


Q. How can I advertise my new Group or find other members interested in starting one on my proposed topic?

A. It's a really good idea to let others know about a new Group you have set up, especially if you haven't already found a group of eager participants. An easy way is to visit the your community's Group for new and proposed Group, where Members can let others know a bit about the projects, activities, or topics they have just created the Group for. Send an email to that Group and send folks over to your new one to read more or join!

All new Groups get a "new" graphic next to them for 30 days after they are set up, which helps others see them when they request a list of Groups under any Category or Topic. That will also help advertise your new Group.

Other ideas:

  • Send an informational message on Groups that you are a member of where potential participants might be.
  • Email your friends directly and tell them about the Group.
  • Send an email to non-Community Network email lists where potential participants may be found. As a bonus, this will also encourage participation in the Community Network!
  • Put an article about it in a printed publication, to encourage Members who do not yet visit the Community Network often to check it out (this is a great option for large projects).
  • If you think the Group is of interest to a large number of members, contact the administrators of your community to see if it can be listed in one of the "spotlight" areas on the Welcome page.

Good luck with your new Group!

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