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How Can I Email A Fellow The ProgressiveExchange Online Community Member


Q. I can't find a Community Network Member's email address in her profile. How can I email a fellow CN member?

A. Yes, it's true, a Member's email address does not show up in the profile. This ensures privacy. However, you CAN send an email to any Community Network Member. Look to the right of the brown heading that says So-and-So's Profile and you wlil see a link that says email So-and-So next to the envelope graphic. Click that, and a page that lets you type in a subject and the text to an email to the member will appear. If you have more than one email address listed in the Community Network, you can even specify which one to use in a reply to you. Once you have finished typing in your message, or pasting it in from a word processing or email program file, click Submit and the message will go to your intended recipient.

Once you send a Member an email this way, YOUR email address is revealed to the recipient. So, you are not anonymous when you contact someone via the Community Network. Additionally, once you are participating in a Group, and email messages are going to all Members, their email addresses DO show up. So fellow Group participants can learn your email address if you post to the email list.

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