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How Can I Find Someone On The The ProgressiveExchange Online Community


Q. How can I find someone on the Community Network?

A. First, you can search using the Search field near the top of each page and selecting the All People option. You can type in a name, partial name, city, state, province or country. The search will display all Members who match your criteria. Note that if you use the Search function and look for a particular name or location, you WILL see people who have not signed in yet—the search function reveals all Members in the database, to avoid the confusion that would arise if you searched for someone you are sure is a Member, but could not find her because she has not signed in. The Community Network will not provide contact information for these Members, as they have not granted permission to share by signing on. (Also, there may be a bug that reports results that do NOT match your search--it is a known bug and being worked on.)

Second, you can click on the People tab at the top of each screen. This will take you to a listing of all of the Members in the Community Network. You can sort this list by first name or last name. (To sort, click one of the links in the blue bar at the top of the listing table. Click once to sort in ascending order, click again to sort in descending order.) If you have sorted the list by name (first or last, as you desire), you can then display only those members whose name begins with a given letter by clicking the desired letter above the table.

Third, you can click the highlighted number in the Site Statistics box that follows Members in Network: to go to the main alphabetical list.

HEY, I GOT WEIRD RESULTS: Sometimes you might be surprised at a listing you see--for example, a search from the interface at the top of each page using the All People option for "sue" will reveal Leaders named Cindy, Karen and Judy, as well as all the Leaders with "sue" in their names. That is because the search engine uses the entire profile. Cindy has "sue" in her email address, while Judy lives on a street with "sue" in its name. To find ONLY Leaders with "sue" in their actual names, use the Members Quick Search box that appears once you have done a more general search. Typing "sue" in the name field will get the intended results. Or, by clicking advanced next to the simple search box, you can get to the Advanced People Search. This will also let you search for items in the name field only (see How does the Advanced People Search work?.

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