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How Do I Remove Myself From The Community Network


Q. How do I remove myself from the Community Network?

A. Contact the administrator of your local community for details on whether or not you can remove yourself from the Community Network. If you simply wish to reduce your email volume or have privacy concerns, read the tips below and you may be able solve some of your problems without leaving the Community Network. See also My Inbox Is Clogged, How Is My Privacy Protected On The COMMUNITY NETWORK.

If you no longer wish to participate in any Community Network Groups, click Email Settings at the far top right on any Community Network page. Click the links that say remove me from Group. You cannot leave any Group you are put into automatically, but you can choose read on web only, which means you would only receive email messages sent by the moderator that are deemed important by your community administrators.

You can remove your biographical information and any other information easily by choosing the options on the My Profile link at the top of any Community Network page. Most community administration teams require that you provide your name, address and telephone number (or more), you may choose to let most of your information be unseen by other Members. Remember that the Community Network is a very secure Intranet--no one outside the Community Network will be able to find out anything about you, because they will not be able to search for, Google or "troll" for your information.

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