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Welcome to Progressive Exchange!

The Progressive Exchange is an online community to share information about online strategies, tactics and tools among people doing digital organizing, advocacy, marketing and fundraising to build power and grow the progressive movement. 

The goal of the Progressive Exchange is to aid the online efforts of progressive causes, campaigns, and organizations.
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Membership is free but we ask that you abide by the following rules:

  • Membership is limited to individuals working on behalf of progressive/liberal causes only. We reserve the right to remove list members who do not fit within this framework at any time.
  • Keep your posts appropriate, constructive, and respectful. Take a moment to consider your message before you send it — is it clear, is it constructive, or will it hurt someone’s feelings? Please do not post in anger.
  • Stay on topic with your posts, questions and comments. This list is devoted to online strategies, tactics and tools to advance progressive causes. This is not a forum for open-ended political and social discussions.
  • Do not use the list to advertise your or your firm’s services unless you are responding to a request for proposals or a suggestion for a type of vendor.
  • Don’t send your weekly newsletter or weekly updates to the list
  • Minimize the volume of emails you send to the full list by using forums, wikis, etc. Whenever possible, respond to posts off-list rather than replying to the full list.
  • We ask that anyone posting jobs or RFPs to the list include salary ranges or budget ranges for the positions or RFPs.

The Progressive Exchange community is stronger because of our respect and compassion for the individual differences, lived experiences, and self-expression of our members. We celebrate, advocate for, and create space for people of all races, ethnicities, gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, nations of origin, ages, languages spoken, veteran statuses, religions, and disabilities.