Centro DC: programmatic and donation lunch and learn 12-2:15PM [Save to my Calendar]

    Thursday, May 9th, 2019
Centro DC: programmatic and donation lunch and learn 12-2:15PM
Thursday, May 9th, 2019
Centro DC
2450 N St NW
Washington, DC 20852

Hey out there!

I'm hosting an old school L&L event specifically for nonprofit and association revenue and marketing executives on how to maximize the efficiency and effect of your digital direct response donation campaigns. I'll also be showing you how to effectively stretch your digital dollars to maximize your current donor data to reach new unique and qualified donors, and how you can create life-long donor value across digital platforms and channels. I'll have Centro's leadership from candidates and causes share tips on how you can create autonomy throughout your entire organization surrounding campaigns, how you can automate manual digital tasks, and how you integrate search, social, programmatic, in-app, mobile, video, audio, and publisher-direct deals; and how you can truly integrate your campaign across channels. I'll also covering how to work with an outside media partner, how you can work with an external agency partner and how you can build paid digital media management capabilities within your own team.


Centro DC , 2450 N Street NW Washington, DC 20008 Email: matthew.quier@centro.net

price: 100% free to attendees

Matt Q.

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