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Help Index

Click any link for information on a particular topic--there are many subsections in each collection below that will help you have an enjoyable experience here and find your answers easily. For an alphabetical listing of ALL our Help Files, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

  • Wikis Home: View all Progressive Exchange wikis.

  • New Members: Start here to learn all about Community Network, including questions about signing in.

  • Common Tasks: Common tasks you will often do, and basic information about the Community Network environment.

  • My Page: How to set up and update your personal information on the network.

  • People: Community Network participants.

  • Groups: All about Groups (these are email lists with other tools too), how to join them, how to participate in them, and how to create your own.

  • Libraries: What's in the Libraries, and how to add content.

  • Forums[new page]

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