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Wiki Notepad Text Formatting


Wiki Notepad Text Formatting

Formatting a Wiki is a little bit like formatting a Web page. You turn a feature on, then turn it off.

  • Paragraphs are separated by blank lines. However, to get a space between paragraphs you can put a colon on a line all by itself, surrounded by two blank lines. This fools the Wiki into giving you a blank line. It looks like this:


  • Formatting conventions:

    • Italics: surround text with two single quotes-- ''Italicized text'' will look like this
    • Bold: surround text with three single quotes-- '''Bolded text''' will look like this
    • Fixed: surround text with three curly brackets--{{{Fixed width text}}} will look
like this

  • To create new pages surround words with double brackets. For example: [[Seven Domains]] will create a page with the name, "Seven Domains" after you save the page you are working on. If a page with that name already exists, the Wiki will link to that page. Otherwise, it will add the text "[add page]" next to the word. You can click on this link to create the page.

Note: Those of you familiar with the original wiki convention for creating hyperlinks will notice this wiki does not support WikiWords. Instead we use similar formatting to Wikipedia as described above.

  • Links:

[ Link Text]

  • To include an image file, put the file on a web server and insert the URL to that file:

This Wiki will display that image on the page:

  • Headlines are indicated using equal signs:

= Heading 1 =
== Heading 2 ==

  • Bulleted lists use asterisk characters:

* Item 1.
* Item 2.
** Subitem 1

  • Numbered lists use # instead of *.

  • Indented text is preceded by : (the colon character).

:This paragraph will be indented.
::This paragraph will be indented twice.

  • Preformatted text:

This text is preformatted.
It will be printed as is, including whitespace.

Hard rules (solid lines) are indicated with four dashes:


will look like this:

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