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About Progressive Exchange

The Progressive Exchange is an online community to share information about online strategies, tactics and tools among people doing digital organizing, advocacy, marketing and fundraising to build power and grow the progressive movement.

The goal of the Progressive Exchange is to aid the online efforts of progressive causes, campaigns, and organizations.

New Leadership and Moderators

Progressive Exchange was started by M&R Strategic Services in 2004. Since then, the community has grown to thousands of progressive communicators who have helped spur inspiring productive conversations and networking relationships that have shaped the progressive movement. The PX community is now under new leadership with leaders and moderators who are excited to continue to grow and foster the amazing PX community into its next chapter. 

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Jonathan Benton (he/him)

Senior Vice President


Allyson Kapin (she/her)


Rad Campaign

Marisa McNee (she/her)


VP of Client Relations

Jai Sen (he/him)


Sen Associates

Alfredo Ramirez (he/him)



Michael Rader (he/him)


VP of Product

Bryan Casler (he/him)

4Site Studios

Vice President of Strategy

Andrew Nachison (he/him)

Chief Communications and Marketing Officer